Great Fitness Workout Routines

Recently I was getting very tired and bored with my workout routine. I was using machines rather than free weights and doing bench presses, military, curls, crunches and all the other garden variety exercises that everyone does.

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But then I discovered some exercises that have really increased my enjoyment of working out as well as providing a significantly better workout routine.

The exercises I am doing now are referred to as compound or multi joint exercises because they work multiple muscle groups at the same time. These exercises work your body the way it was meant to be worked instead of isolating one muscle group from another. There are a wide variety but just to mention a few they are the dead lift, squats, clean and jerk, one armed dumb bell snatches, renegade rows and others.

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One of the reasons these exercises are so beneficial are because they are done with free weights and not machines. Machines limit your range of motion and allow you to lift more with a specific muscle. Free weights are harder and bring more muscle groups into play because your body has to keep balance and brings other muscles in to do this.

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