Halloween Contact Lenses – Safe for People Who Never Wore Contacts Before?

Halloween contacts can add a lot of impact to your Halloween costume. People who wear corrective contact lenses often experiment with costume lenses as well. But if you don’t wear contacts on an everyday basis, would Halloween costume lenses be safe and comfortable for you?

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What are Halloween contacts lenses?

Halloween lenses, also called costume or theatrical lenses, are soft contact lenses with a layer of color embedded in them. Top quality costume lenses are produced by the companies that also manufacture ordinary (corrective) contact lenses. To ensure that painted special effect lenses are safe, manufacturers use special paints that don’t irritate the delicate surface of your eye.

There are hundreds of different designs: cat’s eyes, snake eyes, spirals, white-out and black-out lenses, banshee, vampire red, and many more besides.

Most costume lenses are completely opaque, to hide your real eye color, with a clear center so you can see. A few designs, like white-out, which creates an effect of blind eyes, are completely opaque, though, so it is recommended to that you wear them only one at a time.