Weider – A Fitness Icon

The fitness equipment of brand Weider shares its name with the surname of famous body builder Joseph E. Weider who co-founded the IFBB, created Mr Buy Trenbolone pills. Olympia contests and published several famous fitness magazines. However, the Weider fitness equipment has no present connection with the Weider companies for global nutrition and health except for the name, and is completely owned by ICON Health and Fitness, Inc.

The ICON employs more than 2500 staffs in 9 global locations with the head office at Logan, Utah. The company has firm grips over the fitness industry and conquered the world with several famous brands with specialty fitness, exercise and sports equipment Phenq Australia. Founded in 1977 as Weslo, Inc. to manufacture kitchenware and domestic equipment the company expanded tremendously in the eighties when there was revolution in the fitness industry. The famous Weider Health and Fitness took over them in 1988 and expanded the business of manufacturing fitness equipment, but released after two years to a part of Bain Capital, Inc. from Boston. They coined the new name ICON Health and Fitness, Inc. Later the ICON expanded more by acquiring the brand NordicTrack and later FreeMotion Fitness, Inc to add up their range of quality home-in and commercial fitness goods phentermine prescription pills.

The ICON has wide range of fitness equipment such as Treadmills, Ellipticals, Exercise Bikes and Strength Training for both in-house and commercial purpose under several famous specialty brands. They are NordicTrack, ProForm, Weider, Healthrider, Premotion Fitness, Image, Weslo, Epic, Reebok, Gold’s Gym and iFit cbd edibles for sale.