What Is the Idea of Blogging?

Gone are the days when everything had to be written with a pen on a paper. Gone also are the days when memories, emotions, thoughts, attitudes, expertise were meant to be kept to yourself. It is the era of speaking out, letting your views be known and your thoughts turned into action. The internet is indeed a tool that has fulfilled man’s desire to know and be known Tiny zone.

Blogging is one such phenomenon, which has taken this world by storm. Whether the purpose is business or personal, blogs have created a niche for themselves. Although, blogs are defined as ‘personal journals’ published on the World Wide Web in chronological order, in truth, they have achieved a much higher status. This is no longer just a personal expression platform, as it often provides commentary on a specific topic and also works as an online brand advertising media.

This has stormed the world with its effectiveness and use as popular media. The origin of blogging is very recent dating back to the year 1997. However, within this short period, it has gained massive popularity.

The best thing about a blog is that it has the ability to merge images, text, videos and links to other peoples sites, web pages. This has differentiated blogs over any other source of information. They usually use a combination of all these in order to maximize effectiveness.